How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels With Natural Type-2 Diabetes Remedies?

About 29.2 million in US have diabetes and about 8.1 million remain undiagnosed and unaware of the condition. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause for deaths in US (2010 reports) and more than 1 million new Americans are diagnosed each year with the problem. This is not a problem of aging people rather young men and women are suffering from it and there exist a number of medical conditions related to diabetes. The rise in emergency room visits for 18 year old due to hypoglycemia and hypertension and the risk of heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney diseases, amputations, and problems of peripheral nervous system are widespread in such people.

Diabetes requires regular management, healthy eating, no stress life and a proper exercising routine to avoid extreme complications. Management involves checking blood sugar levels after each meal, which can get more complicated if the levels go below the required levels. There are no cures to revert the condition, so how to lower blood sugar levels without complications.

Ayurvedic ways by Eugenia Jambolana, Phyllanthus Emblica, Exadirecta Indica, Gymnema Sylvestre, Curcuma Longa and other herb extracts provide best ways to how to lower blood sugar levels – where the levels can be restored to normal by taking the extracts regularly. Research on natural type-2 diabetes remedies – Eugenia Jambolana fruit shows the levels of blood sugar reduced in 30 minutes of intake, however, herbal cures are known to offer long term benefits if taken in regulated dose. The extracts have time dependent effects on the parameters such as serum cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides, insulin levels and glycosylated hemoglobin.

Phyllanthus Emblica – the Indian gooseberry is a super herb – an ayurvedic wonder found in natural type-2 diabetes remedies Diabec capsules with other supporting herbs. Individually it is rich in a good amount of antioxidants, classified in various ayurvedic guides, as a cure to a number of medical conditions.

In general, anyone can take a pinch of the herb extract in the morning before morning tea or take it in the form of triphala powder (mixed with two other herbs) early in the morning in warm water to improve metabolism and alertness. Studies on humans found it was equivalent to the medicine glibenclamide in potency in lowering blood glucose levels in both healthy and diabetic people. It can reduce triglycerides and cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health, which include the functioning of the heart and the blood vessels. It is rich in vitamin C while individual vitamin C partially provided effect like emblica. The other properties are due to the presence of tannin compounds and antioxidants such as in camellia sinensis (used as green tea catechins) and Dimocarpus longan (used as neuro protective).

Study on emblica berries as in natural type-2 diabetes remedies Diabec capsules, show it can inhibit carbohydrate absorption enzymes with high potent and reduce glycation. Its enzymes reduce cataract formation in diabetic people as it contains the compound beta-glucogallin which inhibits aldose reductase enzyme. Both fruits and berries were tested on diabetic rats and showed blood glucose reducing properties.

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