Importance of Sleeping Pills in Treatment of Insomnia

A good night’s sleep is essential for the maintenance of good health. It relaxes you from a long and tired day, and rejuvenates you for the demands of the next day. It has been observed that people who sleep peacefully perform better on memory tasks. Moreover, a normal sleep repairs your tissues and leads to adequate muscle growth.

While sleep is a biological process and a natural human instinct, insomnia is generally considered as an unnatural phenomenon. Studies have shown that one out of every 3 persons have suffered from some sort of insomnia during their lifetime. An insomniac patient wakes up at irregular intervals at night. He spends the entire night either tossing and turning on the bed or staring at the room ceiling. We find insomniacs trying unsuccessfully to get a sleep by switching on the TV at odd hours or reading a book in the middle of the night. Insomniacs remain exhausted on account of inadequate rest to their body and often suffer from symptoms of fear, anxiety and overstress.

Lack of adequate sleep also affects your health and mood. It further leads to headache, lack of concentration, drowsiness, weak immune system and weight gain. It has been observed that people who don’t enjoy a proper sleep are less happy than people who get peaceful sleep.

Individuals don’ t focus on regulation and optimization of inner sleep clock inside their body, for a quiet sleep. A little bit of change in lifestyle as well as in sleep patterns can solve the problem of sleeplessness to a greater extent. Avoiding TV, mobile or internet in your bed room and having a light dinner will go a long way in ensuring a deep sleep at night. Regular exercises, avoiding afternoon nap and retiring to bed only when you are exhausted will induce sleep. Going to bed everyday at a fixed time, or having a warm shower or listening to light music before bedtime, can set the mood for sleep. And finally, you need to keep away from nicotine, alcohol or caffeine for adequate rest.
Natural home remedies like a warm glass of milk with amino acids into it can help you to sleep peacefully. Other options for a sound sleep are Chamomile tea and Valerian root. Herbs and essential oils like valerian, lavender and rose allows you to relax peacefully.

There are several online pharmacies and retail outlets from which you can buy natural sleeping pills. These medications are available under different brand names in UK. A list of the names of common sleeping pills are Non-Benzodiazepines, Melatonin, Orexin receptor antagonists, Benzodiazepines ( also known as tranquilizer), antidepressants, Barbiturates, over-the-Counter sleeping pill and “Off-label” sleeping drugs. Without any doctor’s prescription, you can buy best Sleeping Pills like Zopiclone, Ambien, Diazepam, Temazepam, Tramadol, Codeine , Xanax and Nitrazepam in UK.

Sleeping Tablets should be your last resort for getting rid of all sleep disorders. These pills offer only a temporary relief to overcome insomnia, anxiety and body pain. Further, the risks of continuing with these medications for a longer duration affects your body. You should stop this medicine gradually over a period of time, as it may lead to certain effects like rebound insomnia, addiction or excessive dependence on pills. Moreover, It also affects your kidney ,liver and nervous system. Other side effects of Sleeping pills are nausea, tremors, headaches, stomach disorder, joint pain and irritability etc. We recommend that you should consult a health care provider before their use.

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