Important Dog Health Symptoms Information

When you are concerned, making sure that you are looking the right dog health symptoms can tell you a lot of important information about your dog’s health and what you need to do about it. If you are a concerned pet owner you may find yourself wondering if your dog is experiencing something normal, or if he is having a problem that might need immediate veterinary attention. If you are worried about your dog, take a look at some basic things to watch out for.

Always remember that early detection of health problems is a key in successful treatment. To detect things early pay attention to even small changes in personality or behavior. For instance if your pet is normally outgoing and friendly and all the sudden is hiding beneath the furniture or whining when you pet him that is a good indication he may be sick. The better in tune with your pet you are the better health detective you will be. You will also be prepared with times and dates should your veterinarian need them.

There are a few symptoms that unquestioningly need medical assistance and one of them is blood in the urine. Blood in your dog’s urine can be an indication of kidney disease or failure. If that is the case, he will need immediate medical treatment. Your quick action could save your animal’s life so do not delay even a moment. Similarly, blood in the feces can point to a common illness called parvo. This virus if caught early can be cured but if left to long will be fatal.

Nausea and vomiting is common in all pets and usually means they have eaten something that does not agree with them. However if the nausea is coupled with fever, lethargy or pain this could be a sign that veterinary attention is required. Repeated vomiting can lead to dehydration and allow secondary infections, which may be fatal. Again, this is where paying close attention to their health and symptoms of common illnesses is vital. Remember too that many times your pet will look fine but be gravely ill they have evolved to be that way.

When thinking about dog health symptoms, you’ll find that one thing that you can keep in mind is to check the coat. Remember that a dog’s coat, whether it is thick or thin, should be relatively glossy and healthy looking. If you pet your dog and realize that he or she is a lot rougher or that there are some bald patches underneath your hands, you need to think about what might be causing it. In many cases, you may find that there is a problem with your dog’s diet or a skin problem.

These a few basic health problems can easily be detected when you know what to look for. In conclusion, take the extra time to interact daily with your pet and pay attention to the little things. You never know when you may inadvertently save your dogs life by noticing symptoms of failing health early.

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